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The logo for the company Viessmann are importers from Viessmann for New Zealand. Viessmann have catenary, DCC and Marklin Decoders for points/switches/turnouts and signals. Also control units for their signals for those not using digital systems. Some of Viessmann decoders and control units include features such as "soft light change" also a range of signal masts without wires (called Multiplex)! Not forgetting the range of lights for your model towns and stations just so the little people can see at night!
All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include appropriate taxes
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VIE4145Catenary Wire for Double Slip Crossings

Available for orderingNZ$15.08
(export price NZD$13.11)

VIE4146Catenary Wire for Double Slip Switches

Available for orderingNZ$17.23
(export price NZD$14.98)

VIE4150Universal Wire without Eyehooks 140 - 160 mm / 5 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$13.52
(export price NZD$11.76)

VIE4151Universal Wire without Eyehooks 160 - 190 mm / 5 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$14.11
(export price NZD$12.27)

VIE4152Universal Wire without Eyehooks 190 - 210 mm / 5 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$14.70
(export price NZD$12.78)

VIE4153Universal Wire without Eyehooks 210 - 240 mm / 3 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$10.42
(export price NZD$9.06)

VIE4154Universal Wire without Eyehooks 240 - 270 mm / 3 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$12.15
(export price NZD$10.57)

VIE4155Universal Wire without Eyehooks 270 - 300 mm / 3 pieces

In StockNZ$13.33
(export price NZD$11.59)

VIE4156Universal Wire without Eyehooks 300 - 330 mm / 3 pieces

In StockNZ$13.52
(export price NZD$11.76)

VIE4157Universal Wire without Eyehooks 330 - 360 mm / 3 pieces

In StockNZ$14.28
(export price NZD$12.42)

VIE4159Universal Wire without Eyehooks 400 - 500 mm / 3 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$18.56
(export price NZD$16.14)

VIE4160Suspended Box-Girder for spanning two tracks

In StockNZ$42.27
(export price NZD$36.76)

VIE4161Suspended Box-Girder for spanning three tracks

In StockNZ$54.59
(export price NZD$47.47)

VIE4162Headspan for spanning up to three tracks

Available for orderingNZ$63.55
(export price NZD$55.26)

VIE4163Headspan for spanning up to four tracks

Available for orderingNZ$74.36
(export price NZD$64.66)

VIE4164Tensioning Assembly puller type

Available for orderingNZ$28.87
(export price NZD$25.10)

VIE4165Tensioning Assembly lever type

Available for orderingNZ$26.06
(export price NZD$22.66)

VIE4170Y-link 10 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$10.03
(export price NZD$8.72)

VIE4171Bracket 5 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$16.87
(export price NZD$14.67)

VIE41711Bracket 5 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$17.19
(export price NZD$14.95)

VIE41712Bracket 5 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$18.96
(export price NZD$16.49)

VIE4172Bracket Twin 5 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$36.54
(export price NZD$31.77)

VIE4173Tensioning Assembly puller type

Available for orderingNZ$15.88
(export price NZD$13.81)

VIE4174Tensioning Assembly lever type

Available for orderingNZ$10.03
(export price NZD$8.72)

VIE4175Insulationing Section

Available for orderingNZ$7.77
(export price NZD$6.76)

VIE4176Support Span and Cross Span Wires with Insulators

Available for orderingNZ$6.78
(export price NZD$5.90)

VIE4177Holding Unit for span Bridges 5 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$15.74
(export price NZD$13.69)

VIE4178Recessed Head Screws 2 x 15 mm 50 pieces

(export price NZD$7.75)

VIE4179Ground Socket for Standard Masts

Available for orderingNZ$6.78
(export price NZD$5.90)

VIE4180Top Lamp

Available for orderingNZ$12.35
(export price NZD$10.74)

VIE4184Universal Fixing Unit 5 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$25.49
(export price NZD$22.17)

VIE4185Ausleger DRG 5 pieces

In StockNZ$28.80
(export price NZD$25.04)

VIE4186Yoke with Bracket 5 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$31.10
(export price NZD$27.04)

VIE41861Yoke with two Brackets 5 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$38.48
(export price NZD$33.46)

VIE4187Insulators 25 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$5.04
(export price NZD$4.38)

VIE4189Mast Socket 10 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$24.38
(export price NZD$21.20)

VIE4191Wires for overhead system 250 mm 5 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$8.32
(export price NZD$7.23)

VIE4192Ground Anchor 5 pieces

Available for orderingNZ$11.22
(export price NZD$9.76)


Available for orderingNZ$4.19
(export price NZD$3.64)

VIE4195Set Tunnel Overhead System

Available for orderingNZ$53.70
(export price NZD$46.70)

VIE4196Catenary Wire Mounting Gauge

Available for orderingNZ$4.19
(export price NZD$3.64)

VIE4197Mast Position Gauge

Available for orderingNZ$8.36
(export price NZD$7.27)

VIE4198Eyehook Blending Pliers

Available for orderingNZ$78.18
(export price NZD$67.98)

VIE4199Special Screwdriver

Available for orderingNZ$12.76
(export price NZD$11.10)

VIE4300N Scale Catenary Starter Set for 120 X 54cm oval

Available for orderingNZ$281.90
(export price NZD$245.13)

VIE43103N standard mast with support arms contents: 10 pieces, height: 45.5 mm

Available for orderingNZ$96.80
(export price NZD$84.17)

VIE4332Catenary Wire, 61,0 mm, 5 pieces,

Available for orderingNZ$16.53
(export price NZD$14.37)

VIE4334Catenary Wire, 71,5 mm, 5 pieces, N scale

Available for orderingNZ$16.53
(export price NZD$14.37)

VIE4395N Scale Tunnel overhead System Set 10 masts and 3m Flat wire

Available for orderingNZ$61.00
(export price NZD$53.04)

VIE4397N Scale Mast positin Guage set

Available for orderingNZ$13.30
(export price NZD$11.57)