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Trix imports Trix in HO Scale and Minitrix in N Scale. These products are for either DC or DCC operation. The products are based on a European theme. Many of the Trix wagons and carriages are interchangeable with Marklin provided the wheels sets are changed.
All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include appropriate taxes
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MTX11145New Items 2018 :: Startpackung Guterzug DB AG

MTX11145Available for orderingNZ$502.32
(export price NZD$436.80)

MTX12556New Items 2018 :: Eurosprinter Serie 252 RENFE

MTX12556Available for orderingNZ$372.08
(export price NZD$323.55)

MTX14947New Items 2018 :: Bogenweiche R3/R4 links polar

MTX14947Available for orderingNZ$70.68
(export price NZD$61.46)

MTX14948New Items 2018 :: Bogenweiche R3/R4 rechts pola

MTX14948Available for orderingNZ$70.68
(export price NZD$61.46)

MTX15422New Items 2018 :: Dampfschneeschleuder DB

MTX15422Available for orderingNZ$446.51
(export price NZD$388.27)

MTX15440New Items 2018 :: Kuhlwagen DB

MTX15440Available for orderingNZ$55.79
(export price NZD$48.51)

MTX15445New Items 2018 :: Personenwagen ABn DB

MTX15445Available for orderingNZ$93.01
(export price NZD$80.88)

MTX15446New Items 2018 :: Personenwagen Bn DB

MTX15446Available for orderingNZ$93.01
(export price NZD$80.88)

MTX15453New Items 2018 :: Schwerlastwagen-Set DB

MTX15453Available for orderingNZ$74.41
(export price NZD$64.70)

MTX15490New Items 2018 :: Personenwagen 2.Kl.S-Bahn Nbg

MTX15490Available for orderingNZ$93.01
(export price NZD$80.88)

MTX15502New Items 2018 :: Schnellzugwagen-Set SNCF

Available for orderingNZ$279.06
(export price NZD$242.66)

MTX15537New Items 2018 :: Containerwagen-Set der NL

MTX15537Available for orderingNZ$83.71
(export price NZD$72.79)

MTX15539New Items 2018 :: Wagen-Set Rheingold DRG

MTX15539Available for orderingNZ$595.35
(export price NZD$517.70)

MTX15541New Items 2018 :: Wagen-Set Liegewagen FS

Available for orderingNZ$186.03
(export price NZD$161.77)

MTX15649New Items 2018 :: Containertragwagen RENFE

MTX15649Available for orderingNZ$74.41
(export price NZD$64.70)

MTX15650New Items 2018 :: Guterwagen Holztransport

MTX15650Available for orderingNZ$93.01
(export price NZD$80.88)

MTX15656New Items 2018 :: Personenwagen 1. Kl. der MAV

MTX15656Available for orderingNZ$74.41
(export price NZD$64.70)

MTX15671New Items 2018 :: Grossraumwagen EuroCity 1.Kl.S

MTX15671Available for orderingNZ$93.01
(export price NZD$80.88)

MTX15672New Items 2018 :: Grossraumwagen EuroCity 2.Kl.S

MTX15672Available for orderingNZ$93.01
(export price NZD$80.88)

MTX15674New Items 2018 :: Wagen-Set Gotthard Panorama E

MTX15674Available for orderingNZ$279.06
(export price NZD$242.66)

MTX15706New Items 2018 :: Chemiekesselwagen pcc

MTX15706Available for orderingNZ$74.41
(export price NZD$64.70)

MTX15806New Items 2018 :: Wagen-Set Produktfarben

MTX15806Available for orderingNZ$372.08
(export price NZD$323.55)

MTX15820New Items 2018 :: Dampfschneeschleuder DR

MTX15820Available for orderingNZ$446.51
(export price NZD$388.27)

MTX15821New Items 2018 :: Glaskesselwagen Drachengas

MTX15821Available for orderingNZ$74.41
(export price NZD$64.70)

MTX15858New Items 2018 :: Personenwagen IRE DB AG

MTX15858Available for orderingNZ$93.01
(export price NZD$80.88)

MTX15861New Items 2018 :: Flachwagen mit Bus DB

MTX15861Available for orderingNZ$104.17
(export price NZD$90.58)

MTX15862New Items 2018 :: Flachwagen mit Bus DB

MTX15862Available for orderingNZ$104.17
(export price NZD$90.58)

MTX15874New Items 2018 :: Guterwagen-Set der Post SBB

MTX15874Available for orderingNZ$241.84
(export price NZD$210.30)

MTX15887New Items 2018 :: Wagen-Set IC 60419 DB AG

Available for orderingNZ$279.06
(export price NZD$242.66)

MTX15890New Items 2018 :: Schnellzugwagen-Set Rheingold

MTX15890Available for orderingNZ$241.84
(export price NZD$210.30)

MTX15897New Items 2018 :: Personenwagen Interregio WGmh

MTX15897Available for orderingNZ$93.01
(export price NZD$80.88)

MTX15931New Items 2018 :: Selbstentladewagen Otmm 70 DR

MTX15931Available for orderingNZ$65.10
(export price NZD$56.61)

MTX15937New Items 2018 :: Containertragwagen SBB

MTX15937Available for orderingNZ$83.71
(export price NZD$72.79)

MTX15942New Items 2018 :: Wagen-Set Nahverkehr DB

MTX15942Available for orderingNZ$167.43
(export price NZD$145.59)

MTX15944New Items 2018 :: Doppelstocksteuerwagen Metron

MTX15944Available for orderingNZ$204.64
(export price NZD$177.95)

MTX15945New Items 2018 :: Doppelstockwagen Metronom

MTX15945Available for orderingNZ$167.43
(export price NZD$145.59)

MTX15946New Items 2018 :: Doppelstockwagen Metronom

MTX15946Available for orderingNZ$167.43
(export price NZD$145.59)

MTX15948New Items 2018 :: Wagen-Set 30 Jahre Interregio

MTX15948Available for orderingNZ$372.08
(export price NZD$323.55)


MTX15949Available for orderingNZ$111.62
(export price NZD$97.06)

MTX15950New Items 2018 :: Personenwagen-Set Capitole SN

Available for orderingNZ$279.06
(export price NZD$242.66)

MTX15951New Items 2018 :: Personenwagen-Set Capitole SN

Available for orderingNZ$186.03
(export price NZD$161.77)


MTX15968Available for orderingNZ$93.01
(export price NZD$80.88)

MTX15969New Items 2018 :: Schnellzugwagen 1./2.Kl.K.Bay

MTX15969Available for orderingNZ$93.01
(export price NZD$80.88)

MTX15970New Items 2018 :: Schnellzugwagen 3.Kl.K.Bay.St

MTX15970Available for orderingNZ$93.01
(export price NZD$80.88)

MTX16005New Items 2018 :: E-Lok Serie BB 22200 SNCF

MTX16005Available for orderingNZ$353.49
(export price NZD$307.38)

MTX16011New Items 2018 :: Dampflok BR 01 118

MTX16011Available for orderingNZ$744.20
(export price NZD$647.13)

MTX16142New Items 2018 :: E-Lok BR 141 DB AG

MTX16142Available for orderingNZ$539.53
(export price NZD$469.16)

MTX16156New Items 2018 :: E-Lok 150 DB

MTX16156Available for orderingNZ$520.93
(export price NZD$452.98)

MTX16162New Items 2018 :: Diesellok V 160 005 DB

MTX16162Available for orderingNZ$260.46
(export price NZD$226.49)

MTX16181New Items 2018 :: Schnellzugdampflok BR 18.5 DR

MTX16181Available for orderingNZ$744.20
(export price NZD$647.13)