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The logo for the company Faller import Faller's product. Faller's range includes buildings of HO, N, Z and G gauges. Their beautiful buildings and car system fascinates, seduces and moves as it transports your layout into a whole new world!
All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include appropriate taxes
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Available for orderingNZ$229.34
(export price NZD$199.43)

FAL330904Grundplattenset, 2 S

Available for orderingNZ$84.56
(export price NZD$73.53)

FAL330908ueberdachter Bahnste

Available for orderingNZ$235.75
(export price NZD$205.00)

FAL330909Bahnsteigplatten, 6

Available for orderingNZ$161.45
(export price NZD$140.39)

FAL330911Lokschuppen, 2-staen

Available for orderingNZ$475.87
(export price NZD$413.80)

FAL330914Stellwerk Schoenwei

Available for orderingNZ$314.80
(export price NZD$273.74)


Available for orderingNZ$35.83
(export price NZD$31.16)


Available for orderingNZ$263.54
(export price NZD$229.17)


Available for orderingNZ$38.42
(export price NZD$33.41)


Available for orderingNZ$40.95
(export price NZD$35.61)


Available for orderingNZ$40.95
(export price NZD$35.61)


Available for orderingNZ$47.38
(export price NZD$41.20)


Available for orderingNZ$64.06
(export price NZD$55.70)

FAL330972Wandlampe (VE 3 Stue

Available for orderingNZ$20.37
(export price NZD$17.71)

FAL330973Station suhr, beleuch

Available for orderingNZ$24.32
(export price NZD$21.15)

FAL3309796 Baenke

Available for orderingNZ$22.91
(export price NZD$19.92)

FAL330980Station Oberndort

Available for orderingNZ$187.03
(export price NZD$162.63)

FAL330995Susi s Zeitschriften

Available for orderingNZ$137.07
(export price NZD$119.19)

FAL330999Station Susch

Available for orderingNZ$512.50
(export price NZD$445.65)

FAL331701Grosse Windmuehle

Available for orderingNZ$668.47
(export price NZD$581.28)


Available for orderingNZ$255.01
(export price NZD$221.75)


Available for orderingNZ$281.98
(export price NZD$245.20)

FAL3317348 Sitzbaenke

Available for orderingNZ$32.88
(export price NZD$28.59)


Available for orderingNZ$571.81
(export price NZD$497.23)


Available for orderingNZ$85.00
(export price NZD$73.91)


Available for orderingNZ$274.18
(export price NZD$238.42)

FAL3317556 Fahrraeder

Available for orderingNZ$24.69
(export price NZD$21.47)


Available for orderingNZ$113.78
(export price NZD$98.94)

FAL331765Biergarten Set

Available for orderingNZ$90.46
(export price NZD$78.66)

FAL3317924 Bodenplatten Beto

Available for orderingNZ$72.65
(export price NZD$63.17)

FAL3317934 Bodenplatten Holz

Available for orderingNZ$72.65
(export price NZD$63.17)

FAL3317944 Bodenplatten Flie

Available for orderingNZ$72.65
(export price NZD$63.17)

FAL3318256 sitzende Personen

Available for orderingNZ$80.87
(export price NZD$70.32)

FAL3318276 sitzende Personen

Available for orderingNZ$80.87
(export price NZD$70.32)


Available for orderingNZ$217.96
(export price NZD$189.53)

FAL331877Bierkisten + Flasche

Available for orderingNZ$28.77
(export price NZD$25.02)

FAL333101Ziegeldach und First

Available for orderingNZ$33.23
(export price NZD$28.90)


Available for orderingNZ$9.00
(export price NZD$7.83)

FAL333109Windows colour Brown

Available for orderingNZ$9.42
(export price NZD$8.19)

FAL333110windows Colour cream

Available for orderingNZ$7.83
(export price NZD$6.81)

FAL333112Shutters and Doors

Available for orderingNZ$10.34
(export price NZD$8.99)


Available for orderingNZ$9.93
(export price NZD$8.63)


Available for orderingNZ$9.93
(export price NZD$8.63)

FAL3331161 Pair of doors with Hinges and glass

Available for orderingNZ$19.34
(export price NZD$16.82)

FAL333117Fenster und Fensterg

Available for orderingNZ$9.93
(export price NZD$8.63)

FAL333118Gates three differant types

Available for orderingNZ$17.57
(export price NZD$15.28)

FAL480696Flash: simple photo flash. Maximum brightness. Cold light (0.1 sec)

In StockNZ$24.00
(export price NZD$20.87)