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Electronics has selected electronic products that are suitable for model trains. Our range include switches, transistors, tools, kits and our own designs such as the Ladder Controller.
All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include appropriate taxes
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ELE1212729LED Red 0402

In StockNZ$4.00
(export price NZD$3.48)

ELE1212732LED Yellow 0402

In StockNZ$4.00
(export price NZD$3.48)

ELE1212733LED White 0402

Available for orderingNZ$2.50
(export price NZD$2.17)

ELE1212900Toottoot Carriage LED White Lighting Strip

Available for orderingNZ$35.00
(export price NZD$30.43)

ELE146525W Soldering Iron

Available for orderingNZ$19.90
(export price NZD$17.30)

ELE1643751Twin Power Cable 48/0.2mm 6A Rating 14AWG

Available for orderingNZ$219.00
(export price NZD$190.43)

ELE1717978Twin Power Cable 20/0.2mm 3A Rating

Available for orderingNZ$149.00
(export price NZD$129.57)

ELE1887Long Nose Pliers

Available for orderingNZ$16.95
(export price NZD$14.74)

ELE1897Side Cutters

In StockNZ$16.95
(export price NZD$14.74)

ELE2023Jewellers Screw Driver Set

Available for orderingNZ$12.90
(export price NZD$11.22)

ELE20266pce Screw Driver Set Rubber Handles

Available for orderingNZ$24.99
(export price NZD$21.73)

ELE2041CTransistor - NPN 6A

In StockNZ$5.12
(export price NZD$4.45)

ELE2042CTransistor - PNP 6A

In StockNZ$5.12
(export price NZD$4.45)

ELE2047Micro Cutting Pliers

In StockNZ$18.50
(export price NZD$16.09)

ELE2048155mm Steal Ruler

In StockNZ$15.50
(export price NZD$13.48)


In StockNZ$5.66
(export price NZD$4.92)

ELE207103Dual N-Channel FET

Available for orderingNZ$5.66
(export price NZD$4.92)


In StockNZ$2.85
(export price NZD$2.48)

ELE30001Plug Red 2.6mm cross-hole Suitable for older Marklin control boxes. 10 per pack

Available for orderingNZ$7.50
(export price NZD$6.52)

ELE30002Plug Green 2.6mm with cross-hole Suitable for older Marklin control boxes. 10 per pack

In StockNZ$7.50
(export price NZD$6.52)

ELE30003Plug Yellow 2.6mm with cross-hole Suitable for older Marklin control boxes. 10 per pack

In StockNZ$7.50
(export price NZD$6.52)

ELE3013Solder Tube 60% Tin 40% Lead 1mm 15g Pack

In StockNZ$3.00
(export price NZD$2.61)


In StockNZ$2.00
(export price NZD$1.74)

ELE40335SPDT Minature Toggle switch

In StockNZ$4.90
(export price NZD$4.26)

ELE40336Push Button Switch SP 7mm Mounting Hole

In StockNZ$5.60
(export price NZD$4.87)

ELE40338SPDT Minature Single Toggle Switch Mom Off Mon

In StockNZ$5.50
(export price NZD$4.78)

ELE40358DPDT Miniature Toggle Switch Non-Latching mon-off-mon

In StockNZ$5.90
(export price NZD$5.13)

ELE40710Push Button Switch SP 7mm Mounting Hole Red

In StockNZ$2.20
(export price NZD$1.91)

ELE43330Cap 330u 50V

In StockNZ$0.55
(export price NZD$0.48)

ELE4837799RSMicro Switch Replacement for Marklin Point Motors

In StockNZ$3.50
(export price NZD$3.04)

ELE500010Bi-Stable Relay for use with K83 to provide K84 functionality

Available for orderingNZ$22.50
(export price NZD$19.57)

ELE500200Decoder Plate 8pole socket

In StockNZ$5.50
(export price NZD$4.78)

ELE500201Decoder Plate 8pole socket with Transistor for Smoke Unit

In StockNZ$9.50
(export price NZD$8.26)

ELE500301Shadow Station Controller

Available for orderingNZ$289.00
(export price NZD$251.30)

ELE500302Servo Decoder (MM) with decoder and servo for points

Available for orderingNZ$56.00
(export price NZD$48.70)

ELE50327Speaker 2x 16mm round 8ohms with sound chamber

In StockNZ$14.50
(export price NZD$12.61)

ELE5033641mm x 71mm Square 8 hm speaker for LokSound XL

Available for orderingNZ$18.99
(export price NZD$16.51)

ELE5070001Connector for Booster Cable 6021 6015 6017

In StockNZ$6.50
(export price NZD$5.65)

ELE5070002Connector for S88 6088 Cable

In StockNZ$6.50
(export price NZD$5.65)

ELE5070003Mini Din 10way Plug suitable for 60653 MS2

Available for orderingNZ$11.00
(export price NZD$9.57)

ELE507000410 Way Mini Din PCB Mount Socket

In StockNZ$11.00
(export price NZD$9.57)

ELE54614Lokpilot V4.0 MM DCC SX 21 Pin Plug

In StockNZ$70.00
(export price NZD$60.87)

ELE6083Point Decoder k83 with selectable k84 capability for LED based signals

Available for orderingNZ$65.00
(export price NZD$56.52)

ELE67000CIA Ladder Controller

Available for orderingNZ$250.00
(export price NZD$217.39)

ELE67001Outpost i2c Extender Board

Available for orderingNZ$50.00
(export price NZD$43.48)

ELE67002Outpost i2c Extender Board K83-84

In StockNZ$59.00
(export price NZD$51.30)

ELE670034 Channel Relay Opto Isolated Board

In StockNZ$31.00
(export price NZD$26.96)

ELE71308Red 3mm LED packet of 10

In StockNZ$3.00
(export price NZD$2.61)

ELE726872mm grain of wheat bulbs packet of four

Available for orderingNZ$7.90
(export price NZD$6.87)

ELE74995Spade Connectors Contains 20 pieces Crimp type Suitable for C-Track

In StockNZ$5.50
(export price NZD$4.78)